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Know Whether To Sue or Settle Matter Out of Court Post Truck Accident

A truck accident has many facets to it and can be seriously complicated. Scenarios vary and to each his own applies perfectly to this tragic event. Of course, you will have to leverage the expertise of a seasoned truck accident lawyer in Lafayette to determine which course of action you should take. 

Below, we will discuss different aspects of a truck accident and ascertain whether suing the accused or settling the matter out of court will be advisable:

  1. To begin with, let us suppose that the accident happened because of mechanical failure. So, if the manufacturer was at fault, chances are your truck injury lawyer in Lafayette may try to procure compensation that should suffice to meet the expenses and recover the losses that stemmed from the accident. An out-of-court settlement with truck manufacturers, which are established companies, will be better than filing a lawsuit against the same as major brands have the means to defend themselves successfully in court, and countering their might may probably backfire.
  1. If the driver responsible for your truck accident injuries works for an independent contractor rather than a major truck company and the former is unwilling to recompense you properly, your truck accident attorney in Lafayette could then drag the alleged wrongdoer to court and try to elicit a proper reimbursement by proving them guilty if the issue is not resolved outside of court.
  1. The above situation could get trickier if a clause or an agreement signed previously between the driver and the contactor exempts the latter from being answerable for the actions of their employee. In such a case, your legal representative will again try to get you your reparation by mediating a personal meeting involving you and the other party and if the latter desists, initiating legal proceedings will be the only way out.
  1. Again, if the injuries you sustained did not take you very long to recover and if the associated medical expenses did not burn a hole in your pocket, an out-of-court settlement will be a better recourse to obtain damages from the other party. Even if you get 80-90% of the desired amount, you can accept it as many a time, your insurance provider too will do the same.
  1. Two other factors need to be taken into consideration. First, compensation should make up for the amount of time you could not and may not go to work. Second, a truck accident lawsuit may go on for a long before the final verdict is out. You need to factor in these two facts before opting for either of the two alternatives.


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