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Memorial Day Safety


Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, means a long weekend and the start of summer! Whether it is at the pool, on a boat, or at a barbecue, plans are made to enjoy a time to relax with friends and family.

It is also a time, though, to remember the reason for the holiday. It is to pay tribute to the brave men and women in the military who died in the service to the United States. In honor of their sacrifice, many Americans plan visits to memorials and cemeteries as part of the weekend. It is a reminder of the debt we owe them for our freedoms.

Louisiana has popular activities for the long weekend every year. Whether you visit the World War II Museum, the French Quarter, or a cruise on the river, you will have a good time in New Orleans. Festivals include crawfish in Shreveport, and jambalaya in Gonzales for the weekend. Baton Rouge may be in your plans, with 5K races, and a Memorial Day concert.

Spending the time with friends or family may mean a celebration at home or travel to other places. No matter what the plans are, safety and common sense measures will ensure that the weekend is fun for everyone. It should not include a visit to the emergency room!


  1. FOOD:  Prevent food poisoning; Refrigerate perishable food, within 1-2 hrs. Cook meats thoroughly.
  2. GRILL:  Make sure grill is cleaned of grease, dust, and checked before use. Do not grill in an enclosed space which could catch fire.
  3. WATER: Do not drink alcohol when swimming or boating. Do not swim alone. Wear lifejackets on boats. ALWAYS: Supervise young children at all times; make sure they are protected and safe at all activities.
  4.  SUN: Wear sunscreen, apply often, wear a hat and sunglasses. Drink lots of water. If you feel ill, get into a cool place right away.


The National Safety Council, in 2017, estimated that holiday traffic injuries and deaths climbed upward in the last two years. The Memorial Day weekend is one of the most dangerous for vehicle travel, and, because of this, it is more important than ever to focus on safety.


  • PERSONAL: Do not drink or travel with anyone who has been drinking or is on drugs. Wear a seat belt every time you drive
  • RESPONSIBLE: Make sure children are in the proper safety seats for age and weight. Make sure the car is working and up to date on service.
  • FOCUSED: No distracted driving: no cell phones, no texting, etc. Get familiar with surroundings if in a new place.
  • FATIGUED: Get plenty of sleep; take rest breaks when driving.
  • IMPAIRED: Designate a driver who is alcohol and drug-free, or get a ride!
  • TEENS DRIVING:  Do not allow them to drive with friends.  Fatal crash risk goes up 44% with a single young passenger.

Memorial Day weekend should be a time enjoyed with family and friends. It should be a time to honor those in the military who gave their lives for our country. Be careful and be alert!  Enjoy this special holiday!

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