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‘Move Over’ Law in Louisiana – All You Need to Know

As per the Department of Transportation, more than 70% Americans don’t know what to do when there are flashing lights and sirens next to them. The ‘Move Over’ law was implemented in the year 2008 to define the actions of a driver categorically. The law mandates that drivers change lanes when approaching vehicles displaying flashing lights. These could be emergency vehicles, tow trucks, or police vehicles.

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Why ‘Move Over’ Law Exists in Louisiana

Louisiana’s ‘Move Over’ law is created to prevent injury to police officers. According to the statement provided by Louisiana’s governor, John Bel Edwards, vehicles have killed more than 150 police officers in the past years. Therefore, residents can do their part in ensuring the safety of law enforcement officers by clearing the lane closest to a parked emergency vehicle.

Situations When the ‘Move Over’ Law Applies

If an emergency vehicle is approaching, motorists should:

  • Stay on the right side of the road
  • Drive to a position parallel to the right-hand edge of the highway
  • Stop and remain where they are
If an emergency vehicle is parked on the street, car drivers should:
  • Stay on the right side of the road
  • If there are two lanes, it’s advisable to move your car away from the emergency vehicle
  • When lane changing is not possible, you need to slow down the car to a reasonable speed

Penalties for Violation of ‘Move Over’ Law

Motorists who violate Louisiana’s ‘Move Over’ law can receive a penalty of up to $200. However, it does not mean that every driver who fails to change lanes face a fine. There are some situations in which heavy traffic makes it impossible to shift lanes. It’s important to remember that if you cannot change lanes, you can stop your car or bring down your vehicle to the required speed.

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