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Pain and Suffering: A Legal Claim

Pain and Suffering

If any kind of personal injury happens to you in Louisiana, and it is someone else’s fault, you can recover your losses. Whether you suffered from a car accident, slip and fall, medical error, or any other injury caused by another, it is a personal injury claim. The law provides for recovery of your medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering. What does all of this mean for you as you file an insurance claim or start a lawsuit?

Insurance companies calculate the medical bills, as well as present and future work losses, as “economic” damages. They can be easy because these are dollar amounts related to the injury. Pain and suffering is a legal term that falls into “non-economic” damages. This is an area that is important to your injuries, but your losses are much harder to calculate.

Long-Term Injuries

Perhaps you were in a car accident when another car sped through a red light and hit the side of the car. You received broken bones and a head injury, which needed to be treated immediately. Of course, you are in much pain, and you need a long recovery time. You are not sure when you can go back to work, or if you will be able to do the work at all. Your future is up in the air, and you are worried about the medical costs that are adding up. You are afraid, you become angry and depressed, and your family suffers because of this accident.

Your quality of life has changed. Even though the physical pain is there, you have some idea of when you will heal. Your mental and emotional suffering through lack of energy, sleep loss, and depression can stay with you for a much longer time.

There is no firm money amount for pain and suffering claims. You need to know how to prove your claim to show how you have suffered from your injuries.

You will need to have evidence of your distress.

Get help from your doctors to get records, documents, and notes to show:

  • How long have you been in distress?
  • How the pain is affecting your life and activities?
  • Has suffering slowed your healing time?
  • How do your mental symptoms appear to your doctor?
  • How your pain and suffering are related to your injuries?

Proving your claims for mental suffering are very important to recover the damages you deserve. It is very hard to do this alone. You need an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney. The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess will provide a FREE review and guide you through your claim. If someone caused emotional harm to you through negligence or harm on purpose, you need the help that a personal injury lawyer can give you.

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