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The loss of a limb is a life-changing injury. Amputation of a limb can occur as a result of traumatic injury. Things like car accidents, motorcycle crashes, workplace injuries, or farming accidents.


All too often, preventable accidents cause the loss of limbs. People who suffer amputation of an arm or leg need surgeries. Most need extensive rehabilitation. Some need a prosthesis, and job retraining to resume productive lives. It is important to contact an experienced attorney who understands your legal rights.


About one out of every 200 people have an amputation. Most cope with it well. Though, it may take time to adjust to the loss of a limb. Men are at much higher risk of amputation than women.


Two-thirds of amputations involve an upper limb such as a hand. Many occur because of circulation problems and vascular complications. Many are also caused by accidents. Sometimes, amputations happen because of accidents caused by careless drivers or negligent employers. This is where our team of personal injury lawyers can help you.


Common Causes of Amputation


Workers who operate certain types of equipment are vulnerable to loss of a limb. Some examples of workplace accidents:
  • mechanical power presses
  • power press brakes
  • conveyors
  • band saws
  • meat slicers


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The loss of a limb is a life-changing injury.

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It can be dangerous if the employer hasn’t properly trained them to operate the equipment. Employee’s clothing or limb pulled into a machine. Experienced personal injury attorneys can assess and assist in identifying areas of negligence.

Impacts of a car, truck, or motorcycle accidents can cause injuries. Some injuries result in the severing of an arm or leg. Other times, a crushed limb requires surgical amputation.The long-term prospects for people who have lost limbs have improved. Mostly this is from advances in medical care and treatment. But also due to improvements in the function and fit of the prosthesis. It helps to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side if you are recovering from the loss of a limb.


Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney


If you or a loved one has lost a limb in an accident caused by another, you may have legal grounds for compensation. The party responsible for your injury should pay your medical bills and expenses. Talk to a committed personal injury lawyer focused on helping clients. Call Clay now! We provide an initial personal injury consultation FREE of charge. And if we agree to accept your case, we work on a contingent basis. We get paid if there is a recovery of funds. Contact our offices today.


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