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Lafayette Police Brutality OR Police Misconduct Attorney

The State of Louisiana employs approximately 18,050 sworn law enforcement officers. To become a police officer in Louisiana, recruits face a rigorous hiring process. Trainees must complete and pass 360 hours at an accredited Louisiana Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST) academy. They must meet standards for firearms certification. Recruits must also pass screening and evaluation. Also, recruits must pass a thorough background check and a drug screen.

Every day police officers work a difficult, often thankless job. Police often put their lives on the line to uphold the law and protect citizens. Some of the time, the responsibilities placed upon them can be incredibly stressful. Honest mistakes do happen, but mistakes do not excuse the abuse of power.

We place a great deal of power in the police force. To be sure, officers can exercise a lot of control over the lives and well-being of citizens. The vast majority of officers are hard-working, ethical, and committed to serving their communities.

When an officer abuses the power of their position, they don’t just impact one citizen. At the same time, they betray the trust we place in all police officers. The personal injury lawyers at The Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have experience helping the victims of police brutality seek compensation for their losses.

Police Abuse Comes In Many Forms

In short, the consequences of these abuses can be emotionally, physically and financially significant.

Excessive Force.

Police can use reasonable physical force to apprehend and subdue a suspect. However, they cannot harm a person without just cause. Sometimes, officers use unnecessary physical violence. Batons, tasers, pepper spray, choke holds, kicks, and take-downs can cause lasting physical damage.

Strip Searches.

Unnecessary and degrading strip searches are another physical form of police brutality. Nothing is more private than one’s own body. Being forced to expose yourself or being strip searched is a violation of privacy.

Sexual Assault.

Assault committed by a police officer is a repulsive abuse of power. Sexual assault can manifest in many forms. Perhaps a rape on a deserted street during a nighttime traffic stop. Maybe a woman coerced to submit to sexual advances to stay out of trouble or jail.

Racial Profiling.

Minorities are disproportionately accounted for in criminal statistics. Including things like criminal charges and proceedings, police shootings, stop and frisk pat-downs, and police victimization. All too often, this treatment is the result of racial profiling.

Prison Abuse.

As a citizen, you have certain constitutional rights. In fact, your rights remain in place even while you are awaiting trial in prison. Or during your incarceration. Physical abuse by corrections officers, starvation, torture, and failure to control inmate violence are all forms of prison abuse.

Over the last few years, there have been blatant examples of police brutality in Louisiana. Our state has made national headlines. Fatal police shootings and prison abuse scandals happen all too often. How often do you see local newspapers reporting on poor jail conditions or police shootings?

We understand the breach of trust that happens in instances of police brutality. Our attorneys are available to guide your case through the system. Are you injured as a result of police abuse/misconduct? If so, you need a skilled attorney to represent you in a civil case.


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The attorneys at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess have extensive experience handling claims involving police abuse or misconduct. We believe law enforcement should be accountable for their actions. The police enforce the law, they are not above the law.

If you are a victim of false arrest, excessive force, unlawful shooting, police cover-up, unlawful search and seizure, illegal strip search, or prison abuse, you need an attorney.

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