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Rear End Collision Attorney

  • Rear-end Collisions

    Rear-end collisions are among the most preventable and frequently occurring automotive accident types on the road today. One moment you are stopped at a traffic signal or stop sign, the next you are in extreme pain and probably quite a bit angry! Physical damage may be minor is the speed is low enough, but your vehicle may need more than a coat of paint afterward to get back to top condition. And if someone plows into you at high speeds? You’ll probably be in far too much pain to be too terribly angry after the wreck.

    Whether your injuries are minor or grave, whether your car is dented or totaled, you have rights. You deserve justice in the face of mild negligence or massive stupidity. You need someone to walk into court with a plan and the experience to back that plan up. Don’t ever let the foolishness and inattention of a complete stranger impact your life without fighting for your right to compensation.

    Should you be injured through no fault of your own in a rear-end collision, you can count on the expertise of the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess. Our legal team has over 20 years of experience in a wide range of case types. You can count us because we have seen it all. Whether the other driver was speeding or just plain goofing off on the Cajun Memes Facebook page, we will get results.

    According to LSU Data Reports, 17,607 rear-end collisions ended in injury or death in Louisiana for 2016. Mathematically, that’s rougly 48 rear-end collisions happening every single day statewide. In Louisiana, the driver that strikes a car from behind is seen as being at fault. This is because the driver in the back has a clear picture of what is happening in front of them. The law is designed to make these accidents occur less. It is up to all drivers to do their very best to prevent accidents at all times, but we cannot be expected to have eyes in the backs of our heads. While we may have rear view mirrors, our eyes are best kept on the road at all times.


    These collisions are often called “whiplash collisions” as there is a greater tendency to cause a whiplash injury. When you are completely still and a vehicle strikes you, there is a tendency for the body to move forward rapidly and violently. At the same time, the head remains behind momentarily as the spinal column is meant to be very flexible. This flexion and hyper-extension causes ligaments and the smaller muscles attaching directly to the cervical spine to strain, sprain, and tear.

    Understandably, this can be incredibly painful. Such an injury can also cause long-term damage as nerves may become impinged by the momentary increased gap between spinal discs. This long-term damage may make working full-time difficult and potentially impossible. Medical bills after the fact will be expensive should your insurance not cover everything.

    Other ways that your life may become impacted by a rear-end collision include:

    • Head trauma – Your head may strike the steering wheel or other part of the vehicle. This may lead to concussions, skull fractures, and internal bleeding of the brain. Memory loss as well as loss of motor function may occur.
    • Back and spine – In addition to whiplash, herniation, bulging, or rupture of spinal discs can cause life-long pain and disability. In extreme cases, paralysis may occur should the spinal column be too severely damaged (ie; struck while your upper torso is twisted)
    • Facial injuries – Broken glass and vehicle parts may strike, lacerate or become embedded within your face. The airbag may also cause serious but not life-threatening injury. This can cause not only aesthetic damage but may also impair basic abilities like breathing, speaking, and eating should certain nerves be damaged.
    • Broken bones – Any impact at any speed has the potential to break bones. Such injuries take long periods of time to heal. Depending on the bone, this break may cause you to miss work for a few months.
    • Death – In the worst-case scenario, your surviving loved ones will have to go on without your financial and emotional support.

    What causes rear-end collisions?

    Disaster can strike in moments and at any time. It only takes a momentary lapse in judgment to impact someone for life. Some of the more common ways these accidents happen include:

    • Distraction – Anything that takes a driver’s eyes, hands, or focus away from the job of driving can cause an accident. This includes texting while driving, phone calls, makeup and grooming, eating, talking to passengers, playing with the radio, and even looking away from the road. Reaction time on the open road is everything. What is so important that you would remove even a second of it?
    • Tailgating and road rage – Following a car too closely for whatever reason is just plain stupid. Maintain a safe distance as common sense allows. Don’t tailgate someone to prove a point. A simple brake check will put you into that person’s bumper.
    • Speeding – This should go without saying, but driving like an idiot never got anyone an award. You’re not driving in NASCAR. Stop it.
    • Drugs and alcohol – “Let the good times roll” might be a rule in Louisiana, but it’s no reason to get on the road when you have no business doing so. There are several tow truck and taxi companies offering services to impaired persons looking to get home safely without a DUI or an accident. Also, be sure to read you prescription bottles. Many of the medications you may receive forbid driving due to their effects.
    • Weather – We get all of the weather in one day sometimes, Drive safely and keep your distance. You will want ample time to stop should the roads be slick.
    • Vehicle defects – Worn out tires, bad brakes, and a wide range of other vehicle malfunctions may make stopping difficult under pressure. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on the condition of your vehicle at all times.


    Should you find yourself injured through no fault of your own as the result of a rear-end collision, treat it like any other accident you may find yourself in. Remain objective and seek as much information about the accident as possible. Obtain the other driver’s insurance and personal information and give the responding police officer as much information about the accident as possible. Be sure to record as much as you can about weather conditions and the road. When speaking to your lawyer, there is no such thing as too much information.

    A rear-end collision may lead to lost wages due to an inability to work. By partnering with a Lafayette rear-end collision attorney, your chances of getting a quick settlement or having a favorable day in court rise dramatically. You can count on the legal team of L. Clayton Burgess to seek justice on your behalf. We are a no-win/no-pay firm that offers a free initial consultation to anyone seeking advice after an accident. Don’t Delay! Call Clay!


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