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Sheriff’s Office Accused

Sheriff’s Office Accused of Falsification of Records and Unwanted Contact

LAFAYETTE, LA – November 16, 2015: Lawsuit Filed Against Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office Alleging Falsification of Records and Unwanted Contact

The Petition for Damages has been filed against Lafayette Parish Sheriff Michael W. Neustrom and a Lieutenant of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office. The Law Office of L. Clayton Burgess filed on behalf of an unidentified female deputy who was victim to battery while working for the Sheriff’s Office.

To address media inquiries, this release includes information contained in the public records and is being provided along with a link to our website where the full Petition can be found:


The Petition alleges that her supervisor, a Lieutenant with political ties, would ask her if she liked “big men”; told her that it was good for her that he accepted bribes; would place his hands on her hands; and caressed her cheek and face.

The Lieutenant has previously been reported for sexual harassment but no disciplinary actions were taken. The Petitioner reported the incidents to Internal Affairs but her grievance was not addressed. She had even been told that she should not complain because the Lieutenant was connected to Sheriff’s Candidate Mark Garber.

According to the Petition, the Petitioner was forced to sit in on a Mark Garber meet-and-greet during office hours. Employees were required to ask Garber questions. If they could not think of a question, the employee would be sent to a private room and given a pre-written question to ask Candidate Garber.

The Petition also alleges that the Lieutenant had notified staff of his political support for Garber and had openly encouraged his staff to join in the campaign.

The Petition goes on to allege that the Lieutenant ordered falsification of records in the ARMMS database. According to the Lieutenant’s Officer History, he had previously been suspended after participating in widespread falsification of accreditation records in 2010. In a recorded interview with Internal Affairs, the Lieutenant admitted that he had personally altered accreditation documents.

According to the Petition, the Plaintiff filed a nine page grievance to Internal Affairs. To this day, no action has been taken to address and ameliorate the violations of law or address the grievances.

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