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Truck Accident Attorney Houma

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    Truck Accident Attorney Houma

    A Truck Accident Attorney In Houma Can Protect Your Legal Rights

    Around 90% of truck accidents are caused due to human faults. Massive destructions can occur due to collisions of heavy commercial trucks and lead to devastating injuries and damages. In case you are the victim of a trucking crash, a professional’s assistance is an absolute must.

    The law firm of L. Clayton Burgess has a brilliant team of legal representatives who can play a pivotal role in getting you the justice you rightfully deserve. They tirelessly fight to prove the negligence of the liable party and turn the case in your favor. Our truck accident attorney in Houma understands the complexities associated with such disastrous accidents and frames a strong case to recover the maximum compensation amount.

    Most of the truck accidents cause major and minor injuries. The primary reasons responsible for the accidents are –

    Unbalanced freights
    Poor maintenance of truck equipment
    Lack of concentration of drivers
    Intoxicated driving
    Ignorance of traffic rules and regulations

    Against Whom Can I File A Truck Accident Lawsuit?

    A victim of truck accidents has all the rights to file a claim against the parties at fault.

    The driver at fault
    Truck owner
    Manufacturer of truck
    Truck Maintenance Company
    Owner of freight

    It is no brainer to guess that the negligent party would deny their faults and refuse to pay their share of the compensation amount. You cannot tackle the challenges of filing a lawsuit without the support of a professional. The attorneys from the L. Clayton Burgess law firm play a key role in settling your injury claim and getting you justice.

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    Common Injuries Of Truck Accidents

    Our law firm has handled countless cases where victims have suffered both economic and non-economic damages. Some of the major injuries include –

    Broken bones
    Loss of vision
    Spinal cord injuries
    Internal organ damages
    Dental injuries
    Internal blood loss

    (1) Economic losses

    Medical expenses
    Cost of medicines
    Hospitalization charges
    Doctor’s visits
    Mobility charges
    Pathological examination
    Loss of income (present and future)
    Expenses of legal proceedings
    Property damages

    (2) Non- Economic losses

    Pain and suffering
    Emotional trauma
    Loss of enjoyments
    Death of closed ones

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    Our law firm has years of experience in handling various legal cases. Our representatives know the drill to build a strong case to recover the maximum amount of your compensation. We work on a contingency fees basis, which means you don’t owe us a penny until you receive your claim amount. Our truck accident attorney in Houma possesses exceptional negotiating skills and always aims to gain the utmost benefits for his/her clients. Contact us now for a FREE consultation for your trucking accident injury case.

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