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    Trucking accidents can become nightmarish scenarios. When semis and tractor trailers collide with any smaller vehicle, the aftermath is usually horrifying. Trucking accidents have a much higher fatality rate than most other types. If victims of truck accidents are lucky enough to avoid worst-case scenarios, they usually get to deal with serious injuries and contend with massive medical expenses. 

    Taking legal action is the only viable way through which victims can bring the culprits to justice and gain the rightful compensation. But again, unlike other kinds of auto accidents, trucking accidents are generally incredibly complicated, and one stand’s no chance of winning unless they have skilled and experienced truck accident attorneys in Columbia, MOby their side.

    At L. Clayton Burgess, masterful truck accident lawyers from Columbia, MO, stand ready to offer impeccable legal assistance. They are skilled, experienced, and prepared to go all the way to get your rightful compensation.


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    What Makes Trucking Accidents So Complicated? 

    Since trucks ply across the country and carry different types of cargo, many state and federal laws and regulations that come into play. Several laws and statutes become applicable in almost every case. A victim can sue the driver, the trucking/cargo company, and even the trucking company’s client and the government.

    Every trucking and transportation companies have formidable legal teams and corporate insurance providers in its employ. Without shrewd and experienced lawyers, it is nigh impossible to win a case against such tactful and conniving oppositions.

    The trucking accident attorneys in Columbia, MO, at L. Clayton Burgess possess the skills, experience, resilience, and guts to take on any opposition. Our lawyers are skilled and hold years of litigation experience in their profile.

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