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    Hundreds of thousands of trucks ply yearly along the I-220 and the roads in and around Jackson and its suburbs. There’s an unnaturally high volume of semis, tractor-trailers, and other commercial trucks moving at substantial speeds each and every day. When these things go out of control, things can become deadly in a blink. The last few years witnessed an alarming rise in the number of reported mishaps and fatalities due to truck accidents. 

    If you have suffered injuries and damages in a truck accident near Jackson, Mississippi, connect with leading truck accident attorneys in Jackson, MS, today. Only skilled and experienced truck accident lawyers can help you attain victory irrespective of the challenges and circumstances.

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    The Biggest Causes of Truck Accidents In The USA

    Exhaustion, distraction, inattentiveness, speeding, recklessness, negligence, irresponsibility, defective parts or poor maintenance – the causes of trucking accidents can be many. And, when accidents do happen, numerous federal and state regulations come into play, whatever may be the cause.

    If you or somebody you know has been the victim of a truck accident, do not delay! Time is of utmost importance for any auto accident case and even more so in truck accident cases. Connect with skilled and experienced truck accident attorneys in Jackson today at the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess and work with the finest legal professionals on a CONTINGENCY BASIS!

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