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    Numerous busy thoroughfares and states highways dot the city of Memphis, with 8 Interstate highways dotting the city ones such as the I-40, I-69, and I-55. A huge number of commercial trucks such as semis, tractor trailers, and other gigantic vehicles ply at breakneck speeds regularly, where accidents are just waiting to happen.

    Trucking accidents can be horrifying, and the cases involving them are immensely complicated. If you or anyone you know have been the victim of a major trucking accident and have suffered due to no fault of your own, connect with leading Truck Accident Attorneys Memphis, TN, today. Only a skilled and experienced truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, and from a reputed law firm can help you overcome all challenges & find justice and the right compensation. 

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    A Look at Some Federal & State Trucking Regulations

    It is the truck driver’s responsibility to follow all laid down state & federal rules always. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations have strict regulations regarding the length of time a truck driver can be on the road and the length of breaks they can take.
    Stopped trucks must not be parked in places where they may endanger others,
    Federal & State trucking regulations require trucking companies to maintain accurate logbooks. They must contain the necessary information to determine whether the driver had adequate rest or not.
    Trucking companies have a legal duty to ensure to hire honest, competent, and responsible truck drivers.

    Truck accident cases are generally very complicated, given the different parties and the varied laws & statutes involved. A successful verdict is only possible with smart, well-trained, & experienced truck accident attorneys in Memphis, TN, by your side. Tennessee’s prudent lawyers await you on a CONTINGENCY FEE BASIS, right here at L. Clayton Burgess!

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