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Auto Accident Attorney Baton Rouge

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    Auto Accident Attorney Baton Rouge

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    Automobile accidents are inevitable and often leave disastrous effects on the lives of victims. In the United States, the count of car accidents has crossed over the mark of six million on an annual basis. The aftermath of accidents varies from one to another and brings about physical, emotional, and financial turmoil for an individual.

    To get over all the complications and stress of legal jurisdictions, the assistance of a professional is significant. A Baton Rouge auto accident attorney from the offices of L. Clayton Burgess plays a vital role in framing a strong legal case against the defendant.

    Why Choose Us ?

    Our lawyers make sure the victims receive the right legal support for recovering a maximum amount of compensation against the incurred losses incurred. Our lawyers represent accident victims of all kinds of auto accidents caused due to various factors, such as:

    1- Unnecessary lane splitting: Sudden changing lanes to overtake vehicles can be severe
    2- Over speeding: Ignoring traffic rules and reckless driving can cause devastating accidents
    3- Intoxicated driving: Most common cause of car accidents is driving under the influence of alcohol.
    4- Inexperienced drivers: Amateur riders lack confidence and can become accident victims
    5- Harsh road and weather conditions: Road conditions play a vital role in car accidents. Extended hours of rain and snow can hamper the road conditions that might result in skidding of tires.
    6- Driving distraction: Attending phone calls, texting, and talking with the co-passengers can distract drivers leading to sever mishaps
    7- Sudden halts: Sudden halts can result in the rear-end collision of vehicles.
    8- Tire blowouts: Proper maintenance of vehicles is necessary to avert such accidents

    Fatal Auto Accidents Injuries

    Severe accidents can cause life-altering physical as well as psychological injuries. Our auto accident lawyer in Baton Rouge has represented victims with different accident injuries like

    1- Broken Bones
    2- Paralysis
    3- Neck injuries
    4- Facial Disfigurement
    5- Physical disabilities
    6- Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
    7- Wrongful Death

    Damages Concerned With Major Auto Accidents

    There are varied ranges of damages which are concerned with auto accidents. In case you or loved ones have been the victims of such accidents, contact the Baton Rouge auto accident lawyer for any assistance. Our seasoned lawyers would tirelessly fight for your maximum benefits against the sustained damages like –

    (1) Economic losses
    Medical expenses

    1- Hospitalization charges ( bed charges and doctor’ fees)
    2- Cost of ambulance
    3- Major surgeries or operations
    4- Pathological examinations

    Present and future loss of income
    (2) Non- Economic losses

    1- Physical suffering
    2- Psychological impacts
    3- Loss of loved ones

    Parties Represented by Personal Injury Lawyer Receive 3.5 Times More Money Than Those Without an Attorney.

    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004
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    The victims suffer immense physical and emotional stress trying to recover for the damages they’ve sustained. Some settle for less fearing the hassle and delayed justice. The professionals from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess understand the challenges victims face and commit to fighting with might and main to get their clients a much-deserved justice. They are highly competent and supremely skilled in investigating and framing a strong case against the defendant. Get in touch with our auto accident attorney in Baton Rouge for a FREE initial consultation.

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