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Negotiating Your Car Accident Settlement? Helpful Tips to Maximize Payment!

Dealing with the aftermath of a car collision can be overwhelming, especially if you were injured. For a fair settlement, you must understand the basics of negotiating with your insurance company. Even if you’ve never negotiated with insurance companies before, it’s possible to obtain an auto accident settlement that takes into account the pain and suffering you’ve endured, damage to your car, and lost wages. However, there’s one thing that you must comprehend: insurance adjusters always make an utmost effort to maximize profits, and will, therefore, pay you as little as possible.

To get a fair payment for all your losses, you need to understand all the nuances of the law. It’s here when the involvement of a seasoned attorney can be of immense help. Our Baton Rouge trucking accident attorneys are experienced at making your negotiations productive.

We’ve therefore listed a few helpful settlement negotiation tips:

>> Value Your Damages:

The first step for a successful settlement is to familiarize yourself with the types of damages, including rehabilitation services, loss of wages, physical and emotional suffering, and property damage. Once you have an accurate assessment, you can approach the insurance company.

>> Send a Demand Letter:

After you have calculated the value of your claim, send a demand letter to the insurance company. You need to draft a detailed message and describe the car accident, your injuries, medical treatment you received, and all the health issues you have. You also need to mention how much money you demand as a result of the circumstances. Remember that evidence and documentation play a vital role to validate your demand letter. Lack of evidence, on the other hand, can prevent you from getting the payment you rightly deserve.

>> Refrain from accepting the first offer:

As discussed, insurance adjusters make an utmost effort to pay a low-ball offer, and their initial offer may be too meager. An unreasonably small offer may also be a tactic to understand if you know the value of your claim. When there’s low offer, ask the insurance adjuster to provide specific reasons for the particular amount. Provide a detailed explanation as to why you cannot accept the offer. If the first offer is reasonable but still low as compared to your damage and injuries, you may even want to counter the offer.

>> Maintain notes of strongest points for conversations:

Answering the questions of an insurance adjuster is intimidating. Maintaining records of compelling points can be of immense help. Also, you’ll sound organized and serious about procuring fair compensation. It might be equally helpful in responding to the arguments of the insurance company.

>> Ensure that everything is documented:

There should ideally be detailed notes of all your conversations with the insurance company. When you reach an agreement, make sure that all the concerned parties sign it.

>> Don’t assume that your case is going to settle:

Though you always hope that your case settles without the slightest delay, don’t assume. Your assumption may prevent you from gathering crucial evidence. If the insurance company suspects that you are not preserving evidence carefully and you’re not taking your case to trial, they may end up providing a low-ball offer. It’s advisable to prepare and build your case as though it’s going to end in the courtroom.

>> Check if there are delays:

If the insurance company starts delaying your case, be skeptical. For instance, when they attempt to deny your claim for weak reasons, it’s a red flag. In such situations, it’s advisable to seek immediate legal assistance. Our car accident lawyers in Baton Rouge have the right resources, knowledge, and skills to fight your case and obtain maximum compensation aggressively.

How Baton Rouge Injury Lawyers Can Help

Though negotiations are usually stressful, the accident attorneys in Baton Rouge at the Law Offices of L. Clayton Burgess are here to ensure that you get the compensation you deserve. With a core legal team of paralegals, clerks, and assistants, we help you with every step along the way.  Our lawyers work on a contingency fee basis which means that we charge fees only when we win monetary compensation for you.

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