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North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

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    North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney

    If you’re wondering whether to seek damages for the injuries you sustained, then, in all probability, you should. Do not let the recklessness or malicious intent of someone snatch the peace and stability in your life. Leading North Carolina Personal Injury Attorney at the law offices of Clayton Burgess offer all-encompassing legal assistance for all kinds of personal injury cases.

    What Are Personal Injury Cases?

    Simply put, a personal injury is when one suffers harm from someone else’s actions. The nature of personal injuries may be physical harm, mental distress, financial hardship, or the combined effect of all the above.

    In order to attain compensation, the onus is upon the injured person to prove that the other individual’s actions directly result in their injuries. They need to prove that the other party was acting irresponsibly or with malicious intent. Most personal injury cases begin with filing a claim, generally against the defendant’s insurance company, and eventually, if need be, through a lawsuit. 


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    Statutes Of Personal Injury Cases In North Carolina

    The state of North Carolina offers a grace period of three years for victims to file their cases. The statutes of limitations look into several aspects, and different factors and circumstances may change the amount of time one has to file a case. Generally speaking, it’s best to file as soon as possible after the injury. 

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    The Most Reasons Behind Common Personal Injury Cases

    Auto Accidents – These are the most common personal injury cases our personal injury attorneys in North Carolina encounter.
    Victims of Criminal Acts– Victims of assault, sexual abuse, or negligence can sue individuals who inflicted their injuries or allowed them to come to harm.
    Animal Bites – North Carolina has very specific laws regarding animal bites. Trained personal injury attorneys in North Carolina can offer the right assistance in such cases.
    Medical Malpractice – When health care professionals make mistakes or act recklessly, a capable personal injury attorney in North Carolina can aid you in filing a medical malpractice claim.
    Wrongful Death – If anyone’s death occurs due to the fault of someone else or in some cases, due to inaction, those are grounds for a wrongful death claim.

    Whatever the reason and whoever the opposition, we are here to help. Get the finest litigators by your side. Call (877)-305-0049 and gain the maximum compensation for your case with the finest personal injury lawyers in North Carolina by your side.

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