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Truck Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

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    Truck Accident Lawyer in North Carolina

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    Truck accident cases can be incredibly complex. Truckers and trucking companies need to abide by a host of overlapping, intricate regulations, and accident cases may involve both state and Federal laws. Moreover, defendant parties and opposing insurance providers will try every trick in the book to protect their own interests and make things immeasurably difficult for victims. Contact Truck Accident Lawyer in North Carolina for your claim.

    At the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess, skilled and proficient truck accident lawyer in North Carolina know the nitty-gritty of tackling tough truck accident cases. Boasting a stellar track record, our truck accident attorneys are North Carolina’s finest with more than 24 years of experience handling truck accident cases. 

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    Some Details About Trucking Regulations In North Carolina

    Both state and federal bodies regulate commercial trucking vehicles. These laws and statutes are designed to ensure safety on the roads and prove liability in case of any mishap.

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a set of Interstate Rules and Regulations for trucking companies and their employees. These laws improve safety and enact stringencies to prevent and reduce violations. 

    These include:

    Four distinct sets of laws and statutes namely, Laws, Rules, Regulations and Compliance
    Driving hour reporting and restrictions
    Drug and alcohol testing of drivers
    Hazardous cargo compliance
    Insurance Coverage
    Mandates regarding securing cargo
    Routine inspections and maintenance
    Necessary vehicle markings

    The State of North Carolina, too, has specific intrastate regulations and laws that truck drivers plying through the State must know and follow. For example, drivers need to earn special endorsements and pass specialized tests for a trucking license. 

    L. Clayton Burgess’ capable truck accident attorney in North Carolina are well-versed with all the varied state and Federal trucking regulations. Connect with us and be sure of end-to-end legal support and the maximum compensation. 

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