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Truck Accident Attorney Louisiana

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    Truck Accident Attorney Louisiana

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    Truck accidents are a key cause of fatality in the United States. Most survivors, however, fare no better as they almost always end up with life-changing injuries. The immense pain, suffering, and financial strain put everything into disarray and make their lives a living nightmare!

    Federal and State laws give auto accident and personal injury victims the right to sue the parties responsible. Taking swift and decisive legal action is the only way to find justice and maximum compensation. Dedicated and highly-experienced truck accident attorney Louisiana offer thorough support through L. Clayton Burgess. We are a 25-year-old legal service provider with a stellar reputation and flawless litigation record.

    Connect with leading truck accident lawyers in Louisiana and attain a successful verdict and the maximum compensation from convicted parties. We work on a CONTINGENCY BASIS, which means you only pay us when we lead you to victory! 

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    Some Vital Federal and State Trucking Regulations

    Here’s a look at some essential state and federal trucking statutes.

    It is the truck driver’s responsibility to always follow all laid down state and federal rules. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations have strict regulations regarding the length of time a truck driver can be on the road and the length of breaks one can take.

    Truck drivers must be well trained and be able to stay focused and pay unflinching attention. They should be able to ascertain the status of their vehicle or what might happen 12 to 15 seconds ahead.

    The stopped truck must not be parked in places where it may endanger others.

    Federal and State trucking regulations require trucking companies to maintain accurate logbooks. They must contain information necessary to determine whether the driver is adequately rested or not.

    Trucking companies across the United States have a legal duty to ensure hiring honest, competent, and responsible truck drivers. Drivers must take full responsibility for their actions and should never be intoxicated during active duty.

    Most truck accident cases are quite complicated, given all the different parties and the different rules and regulations involved. A successful verdict is only possible with a skilled, well-trained, and experienced truck accident attorney by your side. Louisiana’s leading legal professionals await you on a CONTINGENCY FEE BASIS right here at L. Clayton Burgess! 

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