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Trucks are bigger and heavier than any other vehicle on the road. When trucking accidents happen, they may lead to serious injuries and accidents. Contact Truck Accident Lawyer in Shreveport for maximum compensation.

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    Truck Accident Lawyer in Shreveport

    Our Truck Accident Attorney Can Assists You To Overcome Legal Challenges

    Trucking accidents often result in devastating physical, psychological, and property damages. The victims can experience life-threatening trauma and endure life-long physical suffering. Such accidents are more complicated than it appears, and fighting against the negligent person without the support of a truck accident attorney in Shreveport is no cakewalk.

    The assistance of experienced legal professionals from L. Clayton Burgess increases your chances of recovering the incurred losses. Over the years, with extreme hard work and dedication, our lawyers have set an impressive legal record for helping victims to retrieve the maximum amount of compensation. For any type of trucking accident, our truck accident attorney from Shreveport would be an ideal choice to assist you in settling injury claims with ease and comfort.

    The intensity of truck accidents determines repercussions. Several reasons which are responsible for the cause of trucking crashes include –

    • Overloaded freights
    • Low maintenance of truck equipment
    • Distracted driving
    • Insufficient rest or fatigue
    • Intoxicated driving (alcohol or drugs)
    • Disobeying traffic rules

    Against Whom Can You File A Case For A Trucking Accident?

    Being injured in a trucking accident, you have the rights to claim several parties –

    • Negligent Driver
    • Truck owner
    • Maintenance Company
    • Owner of cargo
    • Truck manufacturer

    As a trucking accident often involves multiple parties, it gets challenging to identify the responsible party as no one willingly takes the blame for trucking accidents. A professional’s support and coordination are the key factors that help to determine the future of your case. Our attorneys have the right trick up their sleeves to turn a lawsuit in your favor. With their years’ experience and profound legal knowledge, they identify the liable party without any hassle.

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    Effects Of Trucking Accidents

    Our law firm has dealt with many trucking accident victims with varied types of accident injuries.

    What makes a truck driver liable?

    1- Ligament and muscle injuries
    2- Broken bones
    3- Loss of vision
    4- Internal organ damages
    5- Whiplash
    6- Lacerations
    7- Spinal cord injuries
    8- Dental injuries

    The effects of trucking accidents can range from mild to devastating. Depending on the intensity, our legal professionals provide extensive assistance to the victims to recover the incurred losses. They have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients and helped them to get back to their everyday life.

    While calculating the amount of claim, the lawyers evaluate every aspect of the case and the potential expenses. Some of the common grounds for calculating the amount are:

    Economic damages

    1- Medical expenditures
    2- Medication costing
    3- Hospitalization charges
    4- Doctor’s visits
    5- Ambulance charges
    6- Pathological test

    Present and future loss of income
    1-Expenses of legal procedures
    2- Property damages (repairing expenses)

    Non- Economic damages

    1- Physical pain and sufferings
    2- Psychological stresses
    3- Loss of enjoyments
    4- Wrongful death of loved ones

    We Are Here To Assist You – Truck Accident Lawyer Shreveport LA

    The aftermath of trucking accidents can be heart-wrenching. Victims can’t tackle the legalities on their own considering different legal and emotional challenges. Hence, the assistance of a legal professional from the law offices of L. Clayton Burgess is a must. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our truck accident attorney in Shreveport for legal advice. Our team of seasoned lawyers is here to protect you from various legal challenges and get you the justice you rightfully deserve. Call us or connect with us online to schedule a FREE consultation with our attorneys today to discuss ways to maximize your claim amount.

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