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Auto Accident Attorney Lake Charles

An auto accident not only damages a vehicle, it may also cause a lot of physical and mental trauma to its occupants. While the automobiles involved in the accident can be repaired easily, the resulting injuries and setbacks may have serious repercussions for the rest of your life. Contact Auto Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles to discuss your case.

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    Auto Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles La

    Hire An Auto Accident Attorney Lake Charles For Optimum Legal Support

    The after-effects of auto accidents can be disastrous. The victims are left with severe physical injuries and emotional distress. Hiring an experienced professional would be essential to get over legal complications. Our representatives at the L. Clayton Burgess are trained to guide you in the right direction and assist you to recover all losses. The auto accident attorney in Lake Charles relentlessly works to protect your rights and gain maximum compensation.

    The intensities of accidents might vary by accidents causing major or minor impacts. Here are some factors which might be responsible for the cause of automobile accidents –

    1- Lane splitting
    2- Driving under the influence of alcohol
    3- Driver’s distractions
    4- Inexperienced drivers
    5- Over speeding
    6- Unfavorable weather or road conditions
    7- Mechanical defects

    Our attorneys can handle all sorts of injury cases and resolve them with optimum proficiency. They are committed and have the right connection to help clients get through the legalities.

    Parties Represented by Personal Injury Lawyer Receive 3.5 Times More Money Than Those Without an Attorney.

    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004
    Immediate Actions To Be Taken After An Auto Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles

    In case you or loved ones have been hurt in an auto accident, there are a few things you must do soon after an accident.

    1- Analyze your present condition to check whether everyone in the car is physically fine
    2- Seek medical assistance from the residents
    3- Gather information of the driver at fault (name, address, and phone number)
    4- Take pictures of the accident scene (if possible, gather CCTV footages)
    5- Note the license number of the vehicle.
    6- Collect the names and phone numbers of the witnesses
    7- Contact the nearby police station.
    8- Notify your insurance company
    9- Seek the assistance of an experienced attorney

    Injuries Caused Due To Auto Accidents

    1- Spinal cord injuries
    2- Traumatic Brain Injuries
    3- Burns
    4- Facial disfigurement
    5- Fracture of bones
    6- Internal injuries
    7- Limb loss and amputations
    8- Whiplash
    9- Soft tissue injuries
    10- Lacerations
    11- Loss of body parts
    12- Wrongful death

    Losses Incurred Due To Auto Accidents

    The law offices of L. Clayton Burgess have handled countless cases of clients with devastating auto accident injuries. Some of the damages in the claim include:

    Monetary damages

    1- Medical treatment costs (hospitalization charges, doctor’s visits, cost of medicines, major surgeries)

    2- Present and future loss of income (irregularities in professional career

    Non- Economic damages

    1- Physical damages and pain
    2- Emotional distress
    3- Consortium losses
    4- Loss of personal enjoyments

    We Are Always At Your Help with Auto Accident Lawyer in Lake Charles

    You can’t overcome the legal challenges alone if you lack knowledge of the legalities. A professional opinion is always favored before taking any legal step. The professionals at the L. Clayton Burgess have years of experience in evaluating the losses incurred and getting you the much-deserving compensation. Connect to us now for a FREE consultation with our senior auto accident attorney in Lake Charles and learn about the legalities associated with your case. DON’T DELAY, CALL (877) 305-0049

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