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Auto Accident Attorney Ruston

An auto accident not only damages a vehicle, it may also cause a lot of physical and mental trauma to its occupants. While the automobiles involved in the accident can be repaired easily, the resulting injuries and setbacks may have serious repercussions for the rest of your life. Contact Auto Accident Attorney Ruston for your maximum claim.

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    Auto Accident Attorney Ruston

    Seek Legal Support To Avoid False Allegation In An Auto Accident Case

    Accidents are unfortunate, and the law gives the victim the power to file a lawsuit against the damages. However, there is always another side of the story that needs to be heard. As accidents generally have two parties involved and the accused party also has the equal right to seek legal advice. There are cases where the accused isn’t at fault but falls prey to false allegations.

    We at the L. Clayton Burgess Law firm are fully aware of such cases. If you believe you are a victim of false allegations, we are here for you. Our highly experienced auto accident attorney from Ruston can help you get justice and protect you from various legal adversities.

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    When the victim accuses you and claims a massive amount as recovery, you might not be able to refute the charges without legal help. As a defendant, if you are innocent, contacting us for the right legal support will help you in proving the same at the court.

    No matter what the reason was behind the cause of the accident, our lawyers can thoroughly investigate to gather substantial evidence for building a strong case in your favor. Hence, you need to take the right legal help before the statute of limitations expires.

    Parties Represented by Personal Injury Lawyer Receive 3.5 Times More Money Than Those Without an Attorney.

    – Insurance Research Council Study 2004

    Consult Us Before Making Paying Any Settlement Amount

    When you’re accused of an accident, you would want to pay up to get rid of the legal hassles as soon as possible. But, what if it is a lump sum amount and you have also sustained damages in the accident and need help yourself?

    Irrespective of the amount, you should not make any payment to the victim until you are proven guilty in court. The L. Clayton and Burgess Law firm has a team of the country’s finest lawyers who can help you in gathering evidence to justify your side of the story.

    Our lawyers go far and beyond with investigation to identify the liable party and the actual cause of the accident. Don’t let false allegations ruin your mental peace and personal and professional life. Get in touch with us for extensive legal support to falsify the charges against you.

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    The L. Clayton Burgess Law firm is proud to have some of the brilliant lawyers in town with an impressive professional record in the relevant practice area. It’s the experience and exceptional legal team that gives us the confidence to fight for your right.

    Our auto accident attorney in Ruston is highly committed and takes the full responsibility of doing everything needed to get you out of a false allegation case. You can call us or connect with us with your case details. Our team is waiting to serve you with the right auto accident lawyer nearest to your location.

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